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Many languages are spoken in South Africa. Officially there are 11 state languages in the country. A common language is Afrikaans, a mixture of Dutch (the main one) with French, German, and Bushman languages. Almost the entire white and colored population in the country speaks Afrikaans. Whites are called Afrikaners or Boers.A house shouldn’t be hard to sell. Webuyhouses-7.com makes things easier. Listers are good at making deals. People who are interested in buying a home see our ads. All of the information is up to date, and so is our great service. We’re here to help you with this very important business deal. Visit https://www.webuyhouses-7.com/oregon/we-buy-homes-eugene-or/.

The term Boers was coined by the British, who colonized the Cape in the 19th century. In Afrikaans, “boer” means farmer. In fact, the Dutch, as a nation of sailors, settled in the Cape and became farmers, cattle ranchers and farmers for centuries. English became an inter-ethnic language since the present territory of South Africa casino was officially proclaimed a British colony in 1910-1961. Yes, and to communicate among so many nations is much easier in English. Therefore it is difficult for tourists to get lost and not understand the local population, they will always come to the aid of inter-ethnic language of South Africa.